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Looking for Alibrandi

Looking for Alibrandi – a talk

Dr Mark Nicholls (Cinema Studies, the University of Melbourne) presents the Italian Australian classic movie Looking for Alibrandi. 

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Australian Muslim Artists

Visit The Islamic Museum to view the annual exhibition for emerging and established artists. This and other exhibits are available to view online too.

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Chinese Ddragon

Chinese Museum School Programs

Book school excursions, incursions, or virtual programs now for 2021! Our school programs have meaningful links to the Victorian and Australian Curriculum across a wide

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Mirka Mora

Mirka Mora

The Jewish Museum of Australia, presents MIRKA – an intimate, previously unseen view into the rich and fascinating life of the late Mirka Mora (1928–2018).

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tea leaves

Tea Heaven

Book A Tea Heaven Experience with families and friends! Start with a small group guided tour then enjoy the ancient traditions of a tea ceremony.

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Heroes and Hoplites

Hellenic Museum is open with exhibition tours on Saturday mornings. Visit the website for further information. We can’t wait to see you again.

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Aprile Image

Aprile, a talk

In collaboration with the University of Melbourne and Dr Mark Nicholls, ITALIAN CINEMA FORUM 2020, talk no.2 APRILE (Nanni Moretti, 1998)

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Tree of Hope

Returning soon

The Jewish Museum of Australia is reopening on the last two Sundays of January 2021. Check their site for more information.

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Chinese New Year

Visit the Chinese Museum for free on the day, watch the Millennium Dragon parade and the Lion Dances in Chinatown.

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Woman in hijab wearing sunglasses

Fashion Unites

MMV celebrates the diversity of design talent in Melbourne with this special catwalk show. Now planned for March 2021.

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The Last Emperor

The Last Emperor

A talk with Dr Mark Nicholls (The University of Melbourne) part of Co.As.It Italian Australian Culture Series online.

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Chinese Australian Solder

Recognising Chinese Australian Service

The Chinese Museum will publish “For Honour and Country” to grow awareness of Victorians of Chinese ancestry who fought for Australia in WWII.

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Podcast: A Lap of Caulfield Park

The Jewish Museum of Australia is proud to partner with Plus61J on their latest podcast, A Lap of Caulfield Park.

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One Million Stories: Chinese Australian 200 Years

Discover the varied, interesting journeys of individuals, families and groups this 200-year settlement and integration in Australia.

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Italian film

Italian Australian Cinema Forum

Mark Nicolls, lecturer in Cinema Studies at the University of Melbourne introduces six Italian films to be shown on CO.AS.IT’s website, Facebook and YouTube channel.

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Renegades by Pichiavo continues in the forecourt of Hellenic Museum.

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Italians in Argentina

Disputes over Italianness

The Italians in Argentina form the beginning of mass migration to the Great Depression. A talk by Prof Marcelo Huernos of MUNTREF/ Immigration Museum.

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Nonne Exhibition Wodonga

The Italian portion of our beloved Grandmothers exhibition is open at Bonegilla Migrant Experience Wodonga.

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Camel shadows

Boundless Plains

The founder of the Islamic Museum and three friends travel outback SA to Far North Queensland, retracing Australia’s Muslim history.  

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Chinese Language Website

Chinese Language Website

The Chinese Museum launched a Chinese language version of their website to promote inclusiveness and understanding.

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Young monks perform

Digital Cultural Adventures

The Chinese Museum has introduced inventive digital incursions for Australian Schools. There are several illuminating options to choose from.

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Dr Tania Cammarano eats pasta

From Suspect Outsider to Model Migrant

This talk by Dr Tania Cammarano explores the transformation of Natale Italiano and Perfect Cheese.

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Italian mobility and COVID-19

In this talk, Dr Maddalena Tirabassi, Director, Centro Altreitalie, talks about Italian emigration in the last 20 years and the challenges posed by COVID-19.

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Love Letters

Love Letters on Social Media

The Jewish Museum provides a series of love letters packed full of enriching ideas to lift your spirits as we weather the coronavirus pandemic.

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A resilient spirit

‘A Resilient Spirit’ celebrates Greek Life During the Lost Decade.

This exhibition was intended to celebrate the end of hard times. Instead, the global pandemic has made this photograph collection even more poignant.

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About us

Multicultural Museums Victoria is an alliance of five ethnic, culture and faith-based museums. We share our stories, cultures and art as one. Celebrate difference at our events and exhibitions.

Our purpose

Multicultural Museums Victoria is a Not for Profit comprising member museums – Hellenic Museum,  Islamic Museum of Australia, Jewish Museum of Australia, Museo Italiano Co.As.It. and the Museum of Chinese Australian History.

Our purpose is to:

  • Raise the awareness of each museum through marketing and promotion to engage with wider audiences;
  • Celebrate cultural diversity and promote its appreciation;
  • Collaborate on exhibitions, events and educational activities to advance culture and promote cultural diversity;
  • Drive visitation to the five  museums to enable the public to engage with diverse cultures;
  • Seek funding support for the activities undertaken by MMV and the five museums;
  • Build capacity to sustain the museums; and
  • Increase appreciation of Victoria’s diverse cultural heritage.

Our Museums

Chinese Museum

22 Cohen Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Tucked away in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown off Little Bourke Street, the Chinese Museum is a hidden gem. Over its five-storeys, the Museum explores the culture and history of Chinese immigrants to Australia from the Gold Rush through to the latest waves of ethnic Chinese immigrants from Southeast Asia.

Co.As.It Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano

199 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

Co.As.It Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano is a cultural hub where people from the Italian and the wider Australian community get together to share, enjoy, and create Italian-Australian culture. The Museo’s free permanent exhibition explores the experience of Italian immigrants to Australia, how their culture influenced Australian life and the distinctive culture that evolved.

Hellenic Museum

280 William Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Housed in the historic former Royal Mint, the Museum is dedicated to inspiring a passion for Hellenism by engaging visitors with innovative programs, exhibitions and events. The Hellenic Museum has five permanent exhibition galleries and two touring galleries, one of which is currently exhibiting the acclaimed Gods, Myths & Mortals collection on loan from the Benaki Museum, Athens. The Hellenic Museum’s collections span 8000 years of Greek history, from Neolithic treasures to contemporary art.

Islamic Museum of Australia

15 Anderson Rd, Thornbury VIC, Australia

This unique Museum showcases the rich heritage of Muslims in Australia and abroad. Housed in a stunning contemporary building that melds Islamic and contemporary Australian architecture, the Museum is 10 kilometres from the city. Its five permanent galleries explore Islamic art, Islamic architecture, Australian-Muslim history, the Islamic faith and the Islamic contribution to civilisation.

Tree of Hope

Jewish Museum of Australia

26 Alma Road, St Kilda VIC, Australia

This award-winning Museum showcases the history and culture of the Jewish people and Australian Jewish life past and present. With four permanent galleries and two changing exhibition spaces, the Museum brings the diversity of Jewish culture to life, drawing on its unique collection of over 20,000 objects. Engrossing temporary exhibitions explore facets of Jewish history, practice, spirituality and culture.

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