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Multicultural Museums Victoria Snapshots Toolkit

Our Education Toolkit for Year 5 – 10. Meet people from diverse backgrounds on videos, interact with inspiring objects, develop intercultural skills.

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THE P.R.OMISED LAND New Italians in Australia

The P.R.Omised Land where P.R. stands for Permanent Residency, is an art exhibition and live performance by Angela Viora at CO.AS.IT Museo Italiano.

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The Jewish Museum of Australia’s exhibition celebrates the remarkable story of international master, among the greatest artists of the 20th century, Marc Chagall (1887-1985).

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The Voice

Multicultural Museums Victoria believes it’s time to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice.

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Australian Muslim History Gallery

Uncover an unknown part of Australian history in the Islamic Museum of Australia’s fascinating and interactive Gallery.  

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Well Behaved Women – Three Feminist Portraits by Loretta Lizzio

The Hellenic Museum’s contemporary art commission consists of three outdoor, free-standing portraits depicting women from ancient Greek history or myth.    

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Serendipity + Imagination

This Chinese Museum exhibition showcases the photography and film works of teachers and students at the School of Design, East China Normal University.

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Through Time and Space 时空之旅

The Chinese Museum with The Arts Collective present an exhibition showcasing the experiences of Australian overseas art students during the Covid-19 pandemic. View it here.

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Thanh’s Story

Vietnamese Museum Australia presents a video documentary featuring Thanh’s story. More than 400,000 people lost their lives on their journey to freedom.

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Woman in hijab wearing sunglasses

Fashion Unites

Our short film for the Melbourne Fashion Festival celebrating the cultural diversity woven through six museums with 18 designers. A Blog is in the menu.

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Camel shadows

Boundless Plains

The Islamic Museum of Australia’s founder and three friends travel outback SA to Far North Queensland, retracing Australia’s Muslim history – our people and places.

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Young monks perform

The Travelling Museum

The Chinese Museum has introduced inventive digital incursions for Australian schools. There are several fun and illuminating options to choose from.

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Islamic Museum of Australia Education

The NEW  Islamic Museum of Australia education portal has access to a continually growing library of FREE classroom resources linked to the curriculum.

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The Messenger

Hellenic Museum Education

Interested in having a school tour at the Hellenic Museum? Check out our resources to assist you with planning an engaging visit.

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CO.AS.IT Museo Italiano Education

Museo Italiano is a great place for a school excursion – a must for Italian language classes and senior History and English students.

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Jewish Museum of Australia Education

We present a range of innovative educational experiences for primary and secondary school students, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

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Chinese Ddragon

Chinese Museum Education

Book excursions, incursions, or virtual programs now! If you can’t bring your students on an excursion, the Chinese Museum can come to you!

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Multicultural Museums Victoria Education

Explore our virtual museum, find inspiring objects and visit video galleries to meet our multicultural representatives. A fun interactive powered by our member museums.

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Vietnamese Museum Australia

Multicultural Museums Victoria welcomes our new and sixth member, Vietnamese Museum Australia, with its Footscray museum housing 1000+ stories to be completed in 2025.

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The Next Level – Jewish Arts Quarter

Jewish Arts Quarter will bring major cultural organisations like Jewish Museum of Australia and Multicultural Museums Victoria together in an awesome new Elsternwick home.

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About us

Multicultural Museums Victoria is powered by six Not for Profit ethnic, faith and culture museum members. Celebrate difference.


Education resources support young people to learn about their cultural diversity to build a respectful Victoria.


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Our purpose

Multicultural Museums Victoria is a Not for Profit, Registered Charity comprising our members – Hellenic Museum, Islamic Museum of Australia, Jewish Museum of Australia, CO.AS.IT Museo Italiano, the Museum of Chinese Australian History and in 2023 we are delighted to welcome Vietnamese Museum Australia, a museum in the making. Together we champion multiculturalism and support interculturalism.

Our purpose is to:

  • Raise the awareness of each museum through marketing and promotion to engage with wider audiences;
  • Celebrate cultural diversity and promote its appreciation;
  • Collaborate on exhibitions, events and educational activities to advance culture and promote cultural diversity;
  • Drive visitation to the six museums to enable the public to engage with diverse cultures;
  • Seek funding support for the activities undertaken by MMV and the six museums;
  • Build capacity to sustain the museums; and
  • Increase appreciation of Victoria’s diverse cultural heritage.

Our museums

Tree of Hope

Jewish Museum of Australia

26 Alma Road, St Kilda VIC, Australia

This award-winning Museum showcases the history and culture of the Jewish people and Australian Jewish life past and present. With four permanent galleries and two changing exhibition spaces, the Museum brings the diversity of Jewish culture to life, drawing on its unique collection of over 20,000 objects. Engrossing temporary exhibitions explore facets of Jewish history, practice, spirituality and culture.

Chinese Museum

22 Cohen Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Tucked away in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown off Little Bourke Street, the Chinese Museum is a hidden gem. Over its five-storeys, the Museum explores the culture and history of Chinese migrants to Australia from the Gold Rush through to the latest waves of ethnic Chinese migrants from Southeast Asia.

CO.AS.IT. Museo Italiano

199 Faraday Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

CO.AS.IT. Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano is a cultural hub where people from the Italian and the wider Australian community get together to share, enjoy, and create Italian-Australian culture. The Museo’s free permanent exhibition explores the experience of Italian migrants to Australia, how their culture influenced Australian life and the distinctive culture that evolved.

Hellenic Museum

280 William Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Housed in the historic former Royal Mint, the Museum is dedicated to inspiring a passion for Hellenism by engaging visitors with innovative programs, exhibitions and events. The Hellenic Museum has five permanent exhibition galleries and two touring galleries, one of which is currently exhibiting the acclaimed Gods, Myths & Mortals collection on loan from the Benaki Museum, Athens. The Hellenic Museum’s collections span 8000 years of Greek history, from Neolithic treasures to contemporary art.

Islamic Museum of Australia

15 Anderson Rd, Thornbury VIC, Australia

This unique Museum showcases the rich heritage of Muslims in Australia and abroad. Housed in a stunning contemporary building that melds Islamic and contemporary Australian architecture, the Museum is 10 kilometres from the city. Its five permanent galleries explore Islamic art, Islamic architecture, Australian-Muslim history, the Islamic faith and the Islamic contribution to civilisation.

Vietnamese Museum Australia

Stories. History. Inspiration. Every Vietnamese Australian has a story to tell. Vietnamese Museum Australia will open in 2025 in Footscray and house 1000+ stories. It will be Multicultural Museums Victoria’s first member in Melbourne’s culturally diverse and vibrant western suburbs and our sixth member museum.

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