Lullabies and laments: a song circle – Tuesday 3 July

Lullabies and laments: a song circle – Tuesday 3 July

Presented by MMV in partnership with The ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. Facilitated by Samantha Dieckmann.


Did your grandmother sing you lullabies? Don’t miss this guided song circle, where you can share meaningful songs like lullabies or laments from your culture. Learn the songs of fellow singers and share stories passed down through the generations.


When booking, you can let us know how you’d like to participate. Participants can share and perform their songs themselves, or share a recording of the song and tell the accompanying story. Participants could also attend in pairs or small groups, and if interested may want to share their songs and stories in the Songs from Our Grandmothers concert on Wednesday 25 July.

The workshop takes place over the school holidays. We encourage grandmothers looking after school-aged children to bring them along! 


Tuesday 3 July at 10.30am

Location: Co.As.It Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano


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