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Welcome to the curriculum-aligned Multicultural Snapshots Toolkit (MST), designed to engage Year 5 – Year 10 classrooms.


The MST will support students to develop their intercultural, civic and historical understanding, skills and voices so that they can value and champion multiculturalism and social cohesion.




A migration story is typically at the heart of most Australians and Victorians. Prior to the arrival of Europeans in Australia, Aboriginal People created their own complex socio-cultural and political networks and a complex trade and barter system.


Through several waves of migration, Victoria has become one of the most multicultural states in Australia, and one of the most successful examples of a multicultural society globally.


Over time new arrivals, and their generations that followed, have diversified the makeup of Victorian society- introducing new languages, cultures and faiths.


However, this has not been achieved without difficulties and experiences of discrimination, racism and misunderstanding. More than ever before, sharing diverse perspectives, cultures and faiths with one another is crucial for the development of social cohesion – and young people have a powerful and exciting role to play in leading this.


The Multicultural Snapshots Toolkit presents an opportunity for young Victorians to discover how diverse liveways and ideas can provide us with fertile ground to draw on and innovate through in contemporary contexts.


By working through the Toolkit as a class, students will:

  • Develop their intercultural understanding, skills and voice.
  • Explore our Museums as intercultural hubs that connect people, places and objects to promote social cohesion in Victoria.
  • Uncover new understanding and experiences by making unexpected intercultural connections.



    The MST is a student and teacher resource. Two pages have been designed for student engagement, including the Multicultural Snapshots Summit Induction and the interactive Multicultural Snapshots Summit.


    Students can navigate these pages as a class on an interactive whiteboard, with teachers facilitating exploration and encouraging classroom discussion. Alternatively, students can explore these pages independently on their personal digital devices. A PDF of the Multicultural Snapshots Summit Induction is attached for use for classroom discussions.


    The Multicultural Snapshots Summit Induction is designed to get students exploring some key ideas about multicultural Victoria and their pace within it. Going through the Induction in class, and sharing ideas, will prepare students to enter the Multicultural Snapshots Summit. Here students will connect with each museum’s multicultural representatives, their story and the cultural materials that inspire them.


    The Multicultural Snapshots Summit welcomes students into an interactive digital museum space where they can explore diverse cultural objects, people and perspectives. The interactive summit positions museums as important platforms for cultural exchange and connects students with each museum’s multicultural representative. Discover how these inspiring individuals:

  • Shape a vital multicultural Victoria by drawing on their cultures or faiths which inspire their life and work.
  • Connect with our collections.
  • Understand and value a diverse society.

    The MST Teaching and Learning Units and Teacher’s Toolkit pages are designed to assist teachers to support students to build on knowledge developed during the Snapshots Induction and Summit. By completing the Units, students will explore the diverse cultures, faiths and collections represented by MMV. There are 15 teaching and learning Units in the MST corresponding to our respective museums. Each unit presents teaching and learning content, activities, and resources.

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